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Welcome Message

Dear colleagues,

I have the pleasure to announce you that between 11th and the 13th of November 2010, the Symposium of Advanced Medical Technologies will take place.
Progress in specific computer assisted techniques (e.g. digital imaging, computer aided diagnosis, image guided surgery, surgical robotics etc.) combined with computer assisted integration tools (e.g. PACS, Electronic Medical Record – EMR, middleware, telemedicine etc.) now offers a valuable complement to or replacement for existing procedures in healthcare. Physicians are employing robotic and telemedicine systems as enabling infrastructures for improving quality and access to healthcare. To ensure that these tools benefit and include the patient, collaboration between various disciplines, specifically radiology, surgery, endovascular surgery, translational medicine, informatics and healthcare management is a critical factor.

Various subspecialties in surgery are bringing image guided interventions into clinical practice. Advances in medical imaging (soon to include molecular imaging), image processing and display, surgical simulation, surgical navigation and robotics are the driving forces for this development.

For the first time in Romania, we intend to organize a symposium in which the participant will have the unique perspective in which the gradual transformation of theory into practical reality can be observed first hand.  
In summary, this Symposium is dedicated to bridging the gap between the disciplines of biomedical engineering and clinical medicine (including surgery, informatics and diagnostic and interventional imaging), to promote education and the exchange of new ideas and to provide for the presentation and publication of original research.
The National Institute of Statistics in Bucharest, the venue chosen for this event, will ensure a special ambiance for all the participants, providing the opportunity to spend pleasant moments inthe company of your colleagues.
We are counting on your presence at this important event, which would bring even more valueto this Symposium and contribute to its success.
Best regards,
Prof. Dr. Irinel Popescu
President of the Symposium